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Nelumbo nucifera Bahasa Indonesia: Seroja (Nel...

Nelumbo nucifera Bahasa Indonesia: Seroja (Nelumbo nucifera) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)











Haikus for a Sunday

Notes Joyous Dancing

The reed plays through times course

Bamboo harmony


Small yellow bird has flown

Empty now the master’s cage

Broken is his heart


Lotus flower floating past

Nighttime hides its petals pink

Sunlight comes to share


Gold and orange leaves

Old weeping tree sweeps the earth

Years travel so slow


Laughter of the doves

Making love upon the roof

I can remember


©Susan Morgan Bosler

August 26, 2012


Today, one of my guides named Lotus Flower visited me in my mediation.  This is what she left behind for me to share.


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Haiku(s) in July

Gardenia white

rich full blooms still on the tree

my true joy overflows


The azure stream flows

secrets unleashed in each drop

silent, I seek peace



Burning sun takes me

I dream of clouds large with rain

will the bright subside?


Leaves like pages turn

life is almost at an end

seeking bliss again


hungry spider waits

her dinner to find its way

woven in her web


Cat’s purr brings great joy

listener eases into rest

recline, two sweet souls


©Susan Morgan Bosler

July 12, 2011  All right reserved.

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