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Beloved Apostle


Mary, Mary
you were anything but weak
Mary, Mary
you were strong
yet, you cried at his feet.
Behind the tears
lives the truth we never speak
behind the love
lives the beauty of his deeds.


Mary, Mary
beloved by the man
Mary, Mary
the only one to understand.
Mary, Mary
you took a secret to your grave,
After the passion
a life we never seek
behind the love
was there a child of his seed?


Mary, Mary
where did you go?
Mary, Mary
why was your story never told?
You knew his nature
loved him from the start
You knew the truth
you saw the beauty of his heart.
Between the lines
lives the part they overlooked
Beyond your love
lives the message of the book.


(c} Susan Morgan Bosler
July 10, 2012

All Rights Reserved.


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At times

How tiresome and lonely be

This lowly life

Through which I drift

The air is thick with

A cacogenic fog

Disturbing thoughts produced.


Lay in wait

Little dark thought

Then scamper through

While intuitive-globule concoctions mix

With neurons sparking

Rerouting thoughts just a bit.


I raise my eyes to see the night

The sound of my pulse

Beats in my ears

The wash of tears

Drains the soul –

Cacophony to silence be.


This time, like many other times

I reach into the void

To understand this –

My perpetual

Solitary wish to be.

© Susan Morgan Bosler April 6, 2012

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Truth – The Tree of Life

The trees know –
It’s their burden.

When the wind blows it shakes their limbs
Each branch clasps tightly to its leaves
While deep down in the cold earth
The trees have pushed their roots together
Attaching one to the other
Twisting and touching
As if little children huddling, hand in hand
for the safety found in the darkness
against a demon foe.

Don’t let go of what you believe
a hush of whispers chant to each of the trees –
There is always something coming
to try to shake you from your beliefs
to take you from your path –
Your thoughts torn to pieces
scattered to the winds –
if not standing with firm conviction
the tree will break,
lost forever to the unseen forces
that seek to claim it as their own.

Humanity is the tiny shoots
on an ancient tree –
with the promise of life
yet, not the guarantee.
Never give up, speaks one tree
turn to face the ugly facts –
Truth is dying all around
“Baal” is everywhere these days –
a demon god getting stronger
ignorance, depravity and greed –

Somewhere inside, you know this
Somewhere inside, you might fear the pain
Of standing up for a vision
A principle forged in perfection
then handed down through the ages.

Life can be brutal – unless the soul
Grows mighty
like the roots of the ancient tree –
Despite what others may display
the tree that remains alive and standing
is the one that held fast to it’s roots
as the winds of Baal blows through its leaves.
©Susan Morgan Bosler
March 15, 2011
I rarely give explanations about the poems I write because I want the reader to find their own idea of what is being depicted and what is internalized inside (themselves).

It is my belief that the culture has changed – and not entirely for the better – that the darknesses pitch is looming and growing stronger and it is the wise warrior spirit that sees the signs and works to hold back the tides of evil. Baal is a deity from many different ancient cultures that represents materialism, greed, self-aggrandizement, sexual debauchery, weather and ignorance. Oh yes, Baal-zebub – the god of the flies. (What do flies generally appreciate? – dung and excrement). What do you worship? It is up to each of us to solidify our beliefs and stay as grounded as possible in these difficult times, for it is the roots that bury themselves deep in the ground and hold tight to the good earth, that will save the tree (of life) despite the harsh winds that may blow.

Thank you for reading – Susan Morgan Bosler

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 Lament on a Cosmic Scale

Upon the cold, winter wind
I heard my name
the sound of your voice, harmonic and pure
startling, for I had not known this pleasure for so long
with it came a flood of memories
shiny though ancient
and very nearly assigned to the ages
best left behind, to be forgot
in the eclipsing fog of a weary mind.
Through an unlit, private maze
it drove me
running head on
into the darken recesses of my self imposed solitude
away not only from you,
but also those nay saying disbelievers of true love
never finding the correct course
twisting and turning at each fork.
Deeply lost, am I
unable to navigate the treacherous tides
of the breaking waves of years passing
wondering why I have eluded you for so long
Come away with me, you used to say,
but I would always ponder, then refuse
can I now go back in time
to change the course
of this undulating race against the tried and true.
Perhaps, perhaps
with enough belief and desire it may be true
life can be lived a second time
with other choices made
If only it could be
how willingly I would jump into that mighty stream,
which I allowed to flow right past me
with conscious thought but lack of inner sight
against the tide of flooding years.
Would I now find that my singular place
should have been with you all along?
I wonder if you ever hear my voice carried upon the wind
sending you to a darken maze of your own making
searching for traces of me resting deeply in your soul.
Living now out of reach
entrenched by the hazards of
living life without augured precognition
each living life alone.

Copyright Susan Morgan Bosler
December 21, 2008

No use or reproduction of material without expressed written consent of the author.

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Crackin' Up the Universe

Image by Anua22a via Flickr

Every Speck of Life is Loved by God

He will not forsake

or abandon or ignore

the tender life

within the womb.


God loves all life

on the land, in the air,

on the earth and in the sea.


The heavens are a vast expanse

yet, they cannot contain

an entire, single breath of God.


In relation to our Lord

the infinite universe is very small.

But, do not think that

the Lord is so great,

so far off,

so unreachable,

that he does not know you

as an individual and a beloved soul.



The Lord counts the heads of all his creation

every minute of everyday

aware of all their strength, courage and forbearance.

God knows every atom that moves freely.

He has breathed life into

every spark of being

though it be less than a second old.


God loves life and the potential of life.

It breaks the heart of the Lord

that his own loving creations

do not love the tiniest of his creations.

“When does life commence?”

they might ask in ignorance or arrogance.

To this he answers clearly,

“the second it entered my mind.”


God opens all doors and makes possible

all probabilities likely.

That tiny speck of life may hold

infinite possibilities –

this should never be overlooked.


It is through the mind, heart and soul

that all living things share themselves

with God and each other.

This is how the Lord shares himself with the multitudes.


Remember this, God loves all life.

He commands everyone

to protect the least among humankind.


Let no one allow the unborn to die

for the unborn are without fault

even when their conception was caused to happen

through suffering or pain.


A lack of love by humanity

does not mean

the unborn are not lovable by humanity.

Every spark of life

is one step closer to touching

the face of God and knowing

his gentle and awesome continence.

Susan Morgan Bosler

©September 10, 2010

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