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Storm Clouds

It rained the day you died
I wasn’t there
I had to find an almanac
To figure out
What your last day was like
But I knew without knowing
It rained.

Did you think of me?
Our happy times together
Our yelling
Our purring
The soft sounds of night’s sweet music
My silent tears,
A salty rain.

Storm clouds are blowing in
I sit by the window
To stare at the world outside
To roam the world within me
To pull you forward in my thoughts
It’s all mixed up with days upon days,
But, I know – It is the water, it is the rain
That brings you to me.

That night at the beach
Our first time
Water was everywhere
The ocean slamming against the shore
Rain falling on our car
In a cascade of frenzied lust –

The thirst –
Our lips wet
The drill of desire and passion sweeps
Tangled up in arms and legs
The reclining seat as our sweat infused
The rain continued to fall.

Pisces dear Pisces
It was the water
In which we drowned
Love’s passionate redress
That holds our memories
Each time the clouds coalesce
Your spirit comes to me
We are again, alone
On that beach
Finding love for the first time
Through salty tears,
I remember.

© Susan Morgan Bosler
February 22, 2013


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persephone_Dante Gabriel Rossetti 1828-1882

Persephone’s Tears

There was a lack of thunder
as the rain fell tonight
no flashes of light
sending jolts through my body
It was cool, as cold as a blade of steel
against the throat
before the knife pierces the flesh
curious, as you came to mind
in the seconds between minutes
like the churning movements in the flood waters
washing away all traces of a happy life
bits of wood, shards of glass
a rush of currents flowing downward
from the higher places
just past the perceived safety of my front door.

I thought maybe I was dreaming
I thought maybe I was seeing bits of my life
that would never be the same
I understood this completely
I understood this immediately,
then you were gone and I lay broken.

I needed to run and let the heavy droplets fall upon my head
to cleanse away that crippling pain,
a damaged heart now enraged
there really should have been thunder
I know, I know
the gods should have conducted magic or a miracle
either way, I didn’t really feel anything anymore
as It ravished my landscape tearing it open,
beating at it black and blue
laying wasted, bloodied and bruised
it hardly touched me at all, you see
I never felt a thing.

I realized it was not rain at all
it was the tears of Persephone
washing me down to hell.

© Susan Morgan Bosler,  2011  All Rights Reserved.

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