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In this meadow of cool, long wild grasses

With bright spring flowers bursting with color

The sweet smells of young nature

The soft breeze that ripples past the curled locks of my hair

Let’s pretend that you’re the god of love

While I am the common girl

 Who has captured your heart completely unaware.

Let us drink sweet wine during the dark night hours

 Before sharing that one, first kiss that will last a lifetime –

I promise you, I will reluctantly keep my eyes closed

As you promise to stay with me each night –

I will not peek,

Least the spell be broken and you flee from me

Taking all that is yours with you,

Leaving me alone and broken hearted.


(c) Susan Morgan Bosler

August 21, 2012, All rights reserved.  



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Screw Einstein

Neutrinos may move faster than years of light

It’s all messed up

It all comes down to me –

I’m running toward


That has no name

It is unknown, untamed

Filled with either everything

Or perhaps, as nihilists proclaim


Agitate, don’t moderate

Get going before it’s too late.

I’m running faster

As time has become

An aggressive taskmaster

It was generous at first

Now, it seems unconcerned

It doesn’t hold me in esteem

It insists that I must catch up

Has this race been fixed?

Only time will triumph

The forfeit’s on me

It seems that the finish line

Once so distant

Is moving toward me

How can this be?

Einstein’s bending space



Stealing moments all the time

Makes me think –

Is the ticking clock

Just time’s heartbeat?

This Universe and I are not in sync.

(c)Susan Morgan Bosler May 11, 2012   All Rights Reserved.

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Widow’s Heart

It’s hard to carry
This widow’s heart
Beating for two inside
One chest
It’s a burden to mourn
It’s a sadness that never
The voice of the missing
Sounds off
With each decision made
Each thought is analyzed
Just as it was before
There is never
A confirming nod
The arguments incomplete
No longer are there kisses
Or dreams, or smiles, or frowns
Living for two
Is tiresome and always,

(c) Susan Morgan Bosler

July 13, 2011,  All Rights Reserved.



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really mad face . . . I'm not scaredY r u Ma-adah?


In a pet-u-lant state of mind

giving away – – your grins and your smiles

for things that ain’t what they seem

A tiny Snit plays out Across Your Face!

You can choose – – to just Ignore Me

that way, you’re just so damn cool!

Yeah, tough tiff!

Replace me with no one “as certain”

you’ve pulled your curtains –

kick me aside before I can hurt you

it’s better not – to feel abused!

It damages you more than I ever

could. When it’s time – – to be judged

who will be found to be “sorely lacking”

in the things you expounded?

Virtue comes at too high a cost

especially if you remain aloft

you turn away, so I won’t be able to catch up

but turn too much – – and you’ll get lost!

Motley prince and tattered princess

there’s no happy endings for all of us

always stay away from the edges, remember to

paint inside the lines and don’t get caught

but you know – – people go missing when

no one’s looking after them

shut your door when I come knocking and

don’t go peeking – – through the blinds!!

Oh, oh, you’re so amazing – your pun-ish-ment is such a crime!

Don’t think you’ve really hurt me,

I can’t find any trace of you inside.


© Susan Morgan Bosler

June 3, 2011



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