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In this meadow of cool, long wild grasses

With bright spring flowers bursting with color

The sweet smells of young nature

The soft breeze that ripples past the curled locks of my hair

Let’s pretend that you’re the god of love

While I am the common girl

 Who has captured your heart completely unaware.

Let us drink sweet wine during the dark night hours

 Before sharing that one, first kiss that will last a lifetime –

I promise you, I will reluctantly keep my eyes closed

As you promise to stay with me each night –

I will not peek,

Least the spell be broken and you flee from me

Taking all that is yours with you,

Leaving me alone and broken hearted.


(c) Susan Morgan Bosler

August 21, 2012, All rights reserved.  



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In those few precious moments

that spring to life

just before the sun tips above the horizon

there is a place that is born, endures and disappears forever

it is in this pocket of living time

that you often come to me

in thoughts so real

I would swear you are blood and flesh.

your hand reaches for and cradles my face

your lips move quietly toward mine

I can truly feel the warmth of your breath

as we share love’s passionate kiss.

Barely the words, “I love you always,”

can be shared before you are gone

a mere memory again

until our next rendezvous

at the striking of nighttime’s death

just before the sun tips above the horizon

when we are whole again so briefly.


(c) Susan Morgan Bosler,    March 22, 2012   Please do not reprint without prior authorization of the author.

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Truth – The Tree of Life

The trees know –
It’s their burden.

When the wind blows it shakes their limbs
Each branch clasps tightly to its leaves
While deep down in the cold earth
The trees have pushed their roots together
Attaching one to the other
Twisting and touching
As if little children huddling, hand in hand
for the safety found in the darkness
against a demon foe.

Don’t let go of what you believe
a hush of whispers chant to each of the trees –
There is always something coming
to try to shake you from your beliefs
to take you from your path –
Your thoughts torn to pieces
scattered to the winds –
if not standing with firm conviction
the tree will break,
lost forever to the unseen forces
that seek to claim it as their own.

Humanity is the tiny shoots
on an ancient tree –
with the promise of life
yet, not the guarantee.
Never give up, speaks one tree
turn to face the ugly facts –
Truth is dying all around
“Baal” is everywhere these days –
a demon god getting stronger
ignorance, depravity and greed –

Somewhere inside, you know this
Somewhere inside, you might fear the pain
Of standing up for a vision
A principle forged in perfection
then handed down through the ages.

Life can be brutal – unless the soul
Grows mighty
like the roots of the ancient tree –
Despite what others may display
the tree that remains alive and standing
is the one that held fast to it’s roots
as the winds of Baal blows through its leaves.
©Susan Morgan Bosler
March 15, 2011
I rarely give explanations about the poems I write because I want the reader to find their own idea of what is being depicted and what is internalized inside (themselves).

It is my belief that the culture has changed – and not entirely for the better – that the darknesses pitch is looming and growing stronger and it is the wise warrior spirit that sees the signs and works to hold back the tides of evil. Baal is a deity from many different ancient cultures that represents materialism, greed, self-aggrandizement, sexual debauchery, weather and ignorance. Oh yes, Baal-zebub – the god of the flies. (What do flies generally appreciate? – dung and excrement). What do you worship? It is up to each of us to solidify our beliefs and stay as grounded as possible in these difficult times, for it is the roots that bury themselves deep in the ground and hold tight to the good earth, that will save the tree (of life) despite the harsh winds that may blow.

Thank you for reading – Susan Morgan Bosler

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Sailor's Lament by Pygar

This poem was inspired by this status writen by a friend on Facebook.

“in the inevitable waves of depression
floats a dying spirit
in a sea of sorrows” “Gary/Ghost Haven”


As the good ship Hope launched
he was inspired by
the strength of the rampart’s casing
the men singing
the waves slapping
he knew he would soon be on his way
a new place to explore
a new love to encounter.

Dying embers quenched for good
now changed to bright new flames
in nightly dreams she visited
a fair and lifelike vision
yet, his transient optimism began to fade
without the substantive touch
from the one so eagerly craved.

While the song of his siren played
The sea began an unrelenting march
against the lumbered hull
without much warning
he lost hold
of his stated goal.
Came a night with no moon
when he could take no more,
over deck he sadly tipped
into a blacken sea of pity
where he lingered tempestivily
rising and falling into an undulating daze.

“in the inevitable waves of depression
that tossed him violently
floats his dying spirit
in a sea of sorrows”

born within his thoughts
wanting only to return
to the comfort of what was known.

© Susan Morgan Bosler  –  January 3, 2012

All rights reserved.  Please do not reprint any portion without prior written permission.

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Hello and
I’m flying
Past birthday cakes and
Christmas pies
Toward ceiling tiles and
Shiny lights


Hello and
I’m sliding
Past my home when I was ten
There’s my mom and dad again
My pet cat who’s not dead and
Oh dear, what’s happening?


Hello and
I’m gliding
Toward the sun
With angel wings uplifting me
But, can you hear me?
I’ve been calling
Back to you
Can you hear me?
I don’t know what to do.


Hello and
I’m landing
On velvet lawns
With rainbow lakes
Toward a place
I can’t escape
Can you hear me?
I’ve been praying
Can you hear me?
God, I know you’re waiting.


Hello, and
Before we do this
Can I please go back again?
Despite the tears and
All that pain?
To birthday cakes and
Christmas pies
God, can you hear me?
I’d like to be alive, again.


©Susan Morgan Bosler,  December 31, 2011


All rights reserved.  Please do not use any portion of this work, without the prior written concent of the author.   Thank you.    Please feel free to share this page or blog with anyone you feel might enjoy reading it.  🙂


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It’s like egg shells

it’s like thin ice

it’s like rice paper walls

                    so delicate,

                           so penetrable

it’s like reinforced steel

it’s like frozen earth

it’s like brick walls

                       so tough

                      so solid

which is it?

       this heart of mine

it plays with me
             it toys with you

how shall we figure it out?

© Susan Morgan Bosler, June 22, 2011    All Rights Reserved.

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