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Doing Time With Unicorns


Time to step back from this table

Been bending crayons against these papers

Hours and hours floating away

In lovely dreams and fairy tales

My fingers and toes ache to stretch a bit

Out my door and down the road

There’s a lady on her knees in her garden

Caspia  and Tritonia petals smiling

Pulling weeds to make it perfect

Not so different she and I

I understand her need to please.

I pull a smoke out from the pack in my pocket

Strike a match then the flame

The air fills with floral swirls

The whirls change into forgotten shadows

 Deep dark memories return to haunt

Not finding peace here just yet

Not finding why I have to, just yet.

Throw down the smoke and grind it into the dirt

Head on back to my tiny space

A covered camp without any trace

The love we had is finally asleep

Don’t wake it up, let it dream.

Alone is where I need to flee

Among the ashes of what used to be

Until tomorrow arrives with renewed luck

I’ll be here drawing rainbows

Doing time with the unicorns and fables

Under cloudless, starless skies –

Alone is where I need to be.

©Susan Morgan Bosler, November 18, 2012, All Rights Reserved


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I heard the children crying

and all I could do was write a poem

I heard the suffering wailing

and all I could do was write a poem

I heard the hungry pleading

and all I could do was write a poem

I heard politicos threatening

and all I could do was write a poem

I heard commentators opining

and all I could do was write a poem

I heard the calls to war

and all I could do was write a poem

I heard the seventh trumpet of the apocalypse

and I set my pen down

to watch the lifting of the veil

to see the horses red, white, black and green

to watch the end

to ascend into the clouds

to see the face of God

in silence

in awe

I had finally run out of words.


©Susan Morgan Bosler,  December 10, 2011

All Rights Reserved.

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the winding of the rose and bramble

The Winding of the Wild Roses Amid the Bramble


“I don’t remember feeling this light

are there really moments like this?”

She wondered out loud.

“There was a story I knew, it began,” said he

“Once upon a time, in a far away land,

where the deep scent of wild rosemary

pinches the nose

as it mixes with a caller of honeysuckle

on warm summer nights;

when the stars shine brightly

the moon hangs low and heavy

with nary a cloud in the sky,

two lovers met in secret and pledged never to part again.”

“In this moment,” he continued,

“The soft, splendid puff of a burning briar wood pipe

combined with the heady intoxication of night blooming jasmine

washed over them as they silently conspired

safely tucked amidst a hedge of thick juniper bushes

uniquely suited for each other’s arms.

Content they were, to stay this way, and never part again.”

“Just as nature has her principles of cause and effect

Love has it’s own principles of contentment

This is exactly where and when time stood still for them

His pocket watch went silent

Her soft notes sounded no more

but it’s all right

because this is bliss

nirvana in a kiss

they are happy at last and forever.


(This is a tale of how love can triumph over all discontent and any odds.)

© Susan Morgan Bosler, September 23, 2011

All rights reserved.  Please do not reprint in any manner without the express written permission of the author.


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Haiku(s) in July

Gardenia white

rich full blooms still on the tree

my true joy overflows


The azure stream flows

secrets unleashed in each drop

silent, I seek peace



Burning sun takes me

I dream of clouds large with rain

will the bright subside?


Leaves like pages turn

life is almost at an end

seeking bliss again


hungry spider waits

her dinner to find its way

woven in her web


Cat’s purr brings great joy

listener eases into rest

recline, two sweet souls


©Susan Morgan Bosler

July 12, 2011  All right reserved.

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