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For a Time


In this meadow of cool, long wild grasses

with bright spring flowers bursting with color

the sweet smells of young nature

the soft breeze that ripples past the curled locks of my hair

Let’s pretend that you’re the god of love, Eros

While I am the common girl, Psyche

who has captured your heart completely unaware.

Let us drink sweet wine during the dark night hours

before sharing that one, first kiss that will last a lifetime –

I promise you, I will reluctantly keep my eyes closed

As you promise to stay with me each night –

I will not peek,

Least the spell be broken and you flee from me

Taking all that is yours with you,

leaving me alone and broken hearted.


(c)Susan Morgan Bosler

August 21, 2012 – All Rights Reserved.  Please do not reprint without the permission of the author.  Thank you.


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