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Doing Time With Unicorns


Time to step back from this table

Been bending crayons against these papers

Hours and hours floating away

In lovely dreams and fairy tales

My fingers and toes ache to stretch a bit

Out my door and down the road

There’s a lady on her knees in her garden

Caspia  and Tritonia petals smiling

Pulling weeds to make it perfect

Not so different she and I

I understand her need to please.

I pull a smoke out from the pack in my pocket

Strike a match then the flame

The air fills with floral swirls

The whirls change into forgotten shadows

 Deep dark memories return to haunt

Not finding peace here just yet

Not finding why I have to, just yet.

Throw down the smoke and grind it into the dirt

Head on back to my tiny space

A covered camp without any trace

The love we had is finally asleep

Don’t wake it up, let it dream.

Alone is where I need to flee

Among the ashes of what used to be

Until tomorrow arrives with renewed luck

I’ll be here drawing rainbows

Doing time with the unicorns and fables

Under cloudless, starless skies –

Alone is where I need to be.

©Susan Morgan Bosler, November 18, 2012, All Rights Reserved


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A Sea Spell" by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, 1877

Goblin Fruit

She felt her muse had left her
She felt parched and empty
She ached from the stagnation
Mournfully, she could find no inspiration
Neither upon the waded up sheets of wasted paper
Nor in the pages of another’s ancient works.
During those restless minutes
Between the passing of the night
Into the glowing of a new day at its birth
She paced fervently until
She found herself standing silently in a garden
Wanting to feel the presence of life
Moving forward toward
A bright unspoken destiny,
Unfolding with innocence –
She yearned for the seed of inspiration.
All at once, she felt a tiny speck clasped within her closed fist
A silent spell fell over her and with it came
The awakening of endless possibilities
The birth of hope
Expectations aflutter
Softly the new day’s caresses
Greeted her like a velvet kiss upon her cheek.
She closed her eyes
To take in life’s fragrant breath
It was fresh and clean
All paths were wondrously open to her
She had but to choose which way to go.
In this moment of unusual fancy
She knew something bound her mystically to the garden
Past the rising of the sun and a new day’s promises
But the binding that held her was delicate and soft
It could easily be broken
with the slightest hint of contradictory thought.
A quivering of tiny, iridescent wings fluttered
In quick, staccato flapping
Perhaps tiny dragonflies
With their nearly transparent grace
Were shimmering about her
Reflecting the colors of the rainbow.
A row of pretty pink flowers caught her eye
She bent down to collect one
Then, immediately wished it to be red instead
With just this thought, it turned a deep scarlet.
She smiled with joy overflowing
She understood what she held in her fist
It was a limitless, ever growing universe at her command.
She gazed upon the tiny speck
A single seed from Goblin Fruit that had quietly grown in this garden.
Excitedly, she placed it on her tongue
Where it melted quickly like snow on a sunny day.
She knew she would never want for inspiration again
She had but to imagine what she willed
For her thoughts and dreams to instantly materialize.
She now knew she was standing
in the Garden of Rich Imagination
a niche of her own invention
A singular place she would never leave behind.
Though still just a mortal being
Without a muse as a companion,
She remains here to this very moment
Releasing the tiny marvels born within her mind.

©Susan Morgan Bolser,  January 8, 2012 –  All rights reserved.  Please do not repost any part of this piece without the written approval.  If you would like to share this work and blog with others, please do. 🙂

Writer’s note:  Christina Rosssetti (5 December 1830 – 29 December 1894) was my inspiration/muse.

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