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Beloved Apostle


Mary, Mary
you were anything but weak
Mary, Mary
you were strong
yet, you cried at his feet.
Behind the tears
lives the truth we never speak
behind the love
lives the beauty of his deeds.


Mary, Mary
beloved by the man
Mary, Mary
the only one to understand.
Mary, Mary
you took a secret to your grave,
After the passion
a life we never seek
behind the love
was there a child of his seed?


Mary, Mary
where did you go?
Mary, Mary
why was your story never told?
You knew his nature
loved him from the start
You knew the truth
you saw the beauty of his heart.
Between the lines
lives the part they overlooked
Beyond your love
lives the message of the book.


(c} Susan Morgan Bosler
July 10, 2012

All Rights Reserved.


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Crackin' Up the Universe

Image by Anua22a via Flickr

Every Speck of Life is Loved by God

He will not forsake

or abandon or ignore

the tender life

within the womb.


God loves all life

on the land, in the air,

on the earth and in the sea.


The heavens are a vast expanse

yet, they cannot contain

an entire, single breath of God.


In relation to our Lord

the infinite universe is very small.

But, do not think that

the Lord is so great,

so far off,

so unreachable,

that he does not know you

as an individual and a beloved soul.



The Lord counts the heads of all his creation

every minute of everyday

aware of all their strength, courage and forbearance.

God knows every atom that moves freely.

He has breathed life into

every spark of being

though it be less than a second old.


God loves life and the potential of life.

It breaks the heart of the Lord

that his own loving creations

do not love the tiniest of his creations.

“When does life commence?”

they might ask in ignorance or arrogance.

To this he answers clearly,

“the second it entered my mind.”


God opens all doors and makes possible

all probabilities likely.

That tiny speck of life may hold

infinite possibilities –

this should never be overlooked.


It is through the mind, heart and soul

that all living things share themselves

with God and each other.

This is how the Lord shares himself with the multitudes.


Remember this, God loves all life.

He commands everyone

to protect the least among humankind.


Let no one allow the unborn to die

for the unborn are without fault

even when their conception was caused to happen

through suffering or pain.


A lack of love by humanity

does not mean

the unborn are not lovable by humanity.

Every spark of life

is one step closer to touching

the face of God and knowing

his gentle and awesome continence.

Susan Morgan Bosler

©September 10, 2010

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