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Storm Clouds

It rained the day you died
I wasn’t there
I had to find an almanac
To figure out
What your last day was like
But I knew without knowing
It rained.

Did you think of me?
Our happy times together
Our yelling
Our purring
The soft sounds of night’s sweet music
My silent tears,
A salty rain.

Storm clouds are blowing in
I sit by the window
To stare at the world outside
To roam the world within me
To pull you forward in my thoughts
It’s all mixed up with days upon days,
But, I know – It is the water, it is the rain
That brings you to me.

That night at the beach
Our first time
Water was everywhere
The ocean slamming against the shore
Rain falling on our car
In a cascade of frenzied lust –

The thirst –
Our lips wet
The drill of desire and passion sweeps
Tangled up in arms and legs
The reclining seat as our sweat infused
The rain continued to fall.

Pisces dear Pisces
It was the water
In which we drowned
Love’s passionate redress
That holds our memories
Each time the clouds coalesce
Your spirit comes to me
We are again, alone
On that beach
Finding love for the first time
Through salty tears,
I remember.

© Susan Morgan Bosler
February 22, 2013


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Story Book Love



A man wants what he cannot have
a woman wants what she needs
uncommonly do the two entwine
rarely do the two ever meet.
On sunny days such as this
I think of you and me
of long drives and walks at the beach
of sentimental speeches and ribald pejorative baiting
holding hands until numb
of sleeping late with you beside.
The tension of our bodies twisting
the relaxation of a good night kiss
the breath upon my neck
the arms around my waist.
that first sight, that last time
your arrival, your departure
both etched deeply into my memory –
hold a flower in your hand so I will know you,
held a flower in my hand when I said goodbye
how time plays tricks on me
were they red roses, each time?
I am not a man, I had you completely
I am a woman, I want what I need
in the end, we did live happily ever after
after every good day’s happy ending.

©Susan Morgan Bosler,  2011

All Right Reserved

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