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I heard the children crying

and all I could do was write a poem

I heard the suffering wailing

and all I could do was write a poem

I heard the hungry pleading

and all I could do was write a poem

I heard politicos threatening

and all I could do was write a poem

I heard commentators opining

and all I could do was write a poem

I heard the calls to war

and all I could do was write a poem

I heard the seventh trumpet of the apocalypse

and I set my pen down

to watch the lifting of the veil

to see the horses red, white, black and green

to watch the end

to ascend into the clouds

to see the face of God

in silence

in awe

I had finally run out of words.


©Susan Morgan Bosler,  December 10, 2011

All Rights Reserved.

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the winding of the rose and bramble

The Winding of the Wild Roses Amid the Bramble


“I don’t remember feeling this light

are there really moments like this?”

She wondered out loud.

“There was a story I knew, it began,” said he

“Once upon a time, in a far away land,

where the deep scent of wild rosemary

pinches the nose

as it mixes with a caller of honeysuckle

on warm summer nights;

when the stars shine brightly

the moon hangs low and heavy

with nary a cloud in the sky,

two lovers met in secret and pledged never to part again.”

“In this moment,” he continued,

“The soft, splendid puff of a burning briar wood pipe

combined with the heady intoxication of night blooming jasmine

washed over them as they silently conspired

safely tucked amidst a hedge of thick juniper bushes

uniquely suited for each other’s arms.

Content they were, to stay this way, and never part again.”

“Just as nature has her principles of cause and effect

Love has it’s own principles of contentment

This is exactly where and when time stood still for them

His pocket watch went silent

Her soft notes sounded no more

but it’s all right

because this is bliss

nirvana in a kiss

they are happy at last and forever.


(This is a tale of how love can triumph over all discontent and any odds.)

© Susan Morgan Bosler, September 23, 2011

All rights reserved.  Please do not reprint in any manner without the express written permission of the author.


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It’s impossible to put it into


This flimsy

                        flyaway thing

nor dress it up

in fancy corporeal robes

it was once solid

I can remember that.

these visitations in the dark

awaken me when it’s late

      the terrible scenes

go circling

                       around in this,

my state of mind.

      It keeps me up at night

Sitting at the edge of my bed

A dread now comes with agonal longing

It may one day cover me

with it’s sharp, dry bones

This is how I’ll be lost

I know it.

It’s carnal but not flesh

It can’t be tasted – it is flavorless

it can’t be held – it has no sense of real

it can’t warm me – the air is cold

there is only madness

In deepening degrees

                      Once I could tell it to leave

My orders depreciated into pleas

I now have no strength left

                         to send it away

I stay hidden inside a bell jar

Whatever it is, it is winning

I will lose myself inside the rabbit hole

                  six-feet down

where did Alice go – her madness now follows me

hookah smoking caterpillar – laughs at me

trapped in the past with the scary red queen

I’ve lost the looking glass that made it all look shiny

                           As the sun keeps setting

tweedle-dee and tweedle-dum

            The Jabberwock comes for me.

Is this a decent into madness

or an ascent into understanding?

A nod to Carroll then


to Sylvia – who knows my burden.

(c)Susan Morgan Bosler, June 14, 2011  All rights reserved.

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really mad face . . . I'm not scaredY r u Ma-adah?


In a pet-u-lant state of mind

giving away – – your grins and your smiles

for things that ain’t what they seem

A tiny Snit plays out Across Your Face!

You can choose – – to just Ignore Me

that way, you’re just so damn cool!

Yeah, tough tiff!

Replace me with no one “as certain”

you’ve pulled your curtains –

kick me aside before I can hurt you

it’s better not – to feel abused!

It damages you more than I ever

could. When it’s time – – to be judged

who will be found to be “sorely lacking”

in the things you expounded?

Virtue comes at too high a cost

especially if you remain aloft

you turn away, so I won’t be able to catch up

but turn too much – – and you’ll get lost!

Motley prince and tattered princess

there’s no happy endings for all of us

always stay away from the edges, remember to

paint inside the lines and don’t get caught

but you know – – people go missing when

no one’s looking after them

shut your door when I come knocking and

don’t go peeking – – through the blinds!!

Oh, oh, you’re so amazing – your pun-ish-ment is such a crime!

Don’t think you’ve really hurt me,

I can’t find any trace of you inside.


© Susan Morgan Bosler

June 3, 2011



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